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Golazo Services is a spinoff from my other business www.golazophotography.com.  I started out only handling Google Ads and Facebook paid Ads for my photography business.  As I started to have some success my brother-in-law asked me to start handling his paid online presence for his automotive repair shop www.strohsautomotive.com.  I also developed his website and landing pages for all his campaigns.  As he started to see success in what I was providing he recommended me to some of his clients.  At that time I decided it was time to separate the two business and Golazo Services was born.

As the business has grown I have brought on my 3 sons in various positions and projects.  It has been awesome that I have been able to include my family with the growth of the company.  While they are not all full time (yet) they each contribute to various projects as needed.

A lot of people ask me “What is a Golazo?” First you need to understand that Fútbol (soccer) has been a huge part of my families life.  When I started my photography business the primary focus was sports so a name like Golazo made sense.  So why Golazo? Golazo is a Spanish Fútbol term for “a totally awesome goal.”

We are here to help you “Reach That Totally Awesome Goal in Your Business.”


We Do More, It’s that Simple.

Our Team

Dave Miller


Davey Miller

Sales/Project Manager

Brandon Miller


Tyler Miller


Highly experienced freelance development team born in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Over 30 years combined experience in multiple fields.

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