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Golazo Services, recently made its first acquisition with the purchase of the Shopify SaaS app PostPurchaseSurvey.com on Acquire.com. This marks an exciting new chapter for us  as we continue to expand our offerings and solidify our position in the industry.

Golazo Services has been in business for several years. Our  mission is to provide top-notch technology solutions to businesses of all sizes. The acquisition of PostPurchaseSurvey.com is just the first of many more to come as we continue to grow and evolve.

The journey to acquiring PostPurchaseSurvey.com began when the team was on the lookout for new tools to add to our portfolio. We found the app on Acquire.com, a popular platform for buying and selling software businesses. After thoroughly researching and evaluating the app, the team decided that it would be a great addition to our existing suite of services.

One of the things that stood out to the team was the app’s ability to gather valuable feedback from customers after a purchase. This gives Shopify shop owners the insights they need to make informed decisions about their advertising strategy. The app’s user-friendly interface and robust feature set made it clear that it would be a valuable asset to our portfolio.

The acquisition process was seamless and self-funded, with no outside financing needed. The team was able to quickly close the deal and integrate the app into our existing portfolio of services.

The acquisition of PostPurchaseSurvey.com is a major milestone for us and represents our commitment to growing our portfolio with the best technology solutions. With a solid track record of providing top-notch technology solutions, Golazo Services is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the future.